Though sadly lacking in darkness, most citizens of Itreya still require sleep, and regardless of season, the change from waking hours is marked by a turn in Itreya's weather. As nevernight approaches, winds pick up from the westward oceans and howl across the Republic, bringing a merciful temperature drop in their wake. As it's easier to sleep in cooler times, this turn is taken by most as a signal to hit the pillow, hay, or flagstones, depending on their state of inebriation. The winds die slowly, rising again perhaps twenty-four hours later. It is said they are a gift form Nalipse, the Lady of Storms, who takes mercy upon a land and people scorched by her Father's almost constant light.

The "turn", therefore, is the term Itreyans use to mark a cycle of sleep and waking. There are seven turns to a week, three and one half hundred turns in a seasonal year. An oddity of language, to be sure, but a necessary one in a land where actual days last two and half years at a time, and birthday parties are an indulgence that only the wealthiest, and the ageless, might afford.