A breed of arachnid native to the country of Vaan.

The females are as black as truedark, and possessed of the most astonishing maternal instinct in the animal republic. Once impregnated, the female build a larder, stocks it with corpses, then seals herself inside. If the nest is set ablaze, she'll burn to death rather than abandon it. If beset by a predator, she'll die defending her clutch. But so fierce is her refusal to leave her young, once her eggs are laid, she won't move, even to hunt. And herein lies the wellspring's claim to the title of fiercest mother in the Republic. For once she's devoured all the stores within her larder, the female begins devouring herself.

One leg at a time.

Plucking her limbs from her thorax. Eating only enough to sustain her vigil. Ripping and chewing until only one leg remains, clinging to the silken treasure trove swelling beneath her. And when her eggs finally hatch, spilling from the strands she so lovingly wrapped them inside, they partake, there and then, of their very first meal.

The mother who bore them.