The Tale of Flavius and Dalia is a story often told to acolytes of The Red Church to explain the two latest strictures of the Red Promise.

The time around the collapse of the Itreyan monarchy was a busy one for the Red Church and so some authority was granted to several bishops so they could accept offerings themselves. In one night, the former Itreyan general Flavius Apullo - now a Senator - became the centre of what would late be called The Tale of Flavius and Dalia. Flavius began fearing assassination around the same time his rivals got serious about wanting to see him dead. In an unfortunate turn of events, the Red Church undertook to murder Flavius the very same time as he employed a Blade as his bodyguard. Even more unfortunate was the fact, that a woman named Dalia was the Blade designated for both these offerings. She served Flavius as a bodyguard for three years and over that time, the two of them became lovers. Dalia herself eliminated most of Flavius's enemies save his biggest opponent, Tiberius the Elder. Tiberus had been the one who employed the Red Church to murder Flavius and thus not to be murdered himself. Flavius thought himself clever enough to trick the Red Church and proposed marriage to Dalia, thinking she would keep him safe nonetheless. But as he finally married Dalia, he let go of his patronage with the Red Church at the same turn. Dalia stabbed her husband to death in order to fulfill her offering. She brought her husband's head to Tiberius and - because her second offering was also fulfilled - now stabbed him as well to death.

After this unfortunate incident it was decided to complement the until then loose rules.