The skies of Itreya are illuminated by three suns - commonly believed to be the eyes of Aa, the God of Light. It is for this reason Itreyans refer to the deity as the Everseeing.

Saan Edit

The largest of the three suns is a furious red globe called Saan, ancient Ashkahi for The Seer. Shuffling across the heavens like a brigand with nothing better to do, Saan hangs in the skies for nearly one hundred weeks at a time.

Saai Edit

The second sun is named Saai, ancient Ashkahi for The Knower. A smallish blue-faced fellow, rising and setting quicker than its sibling, it visits for perhaps fourteen weeks at a stretch, nearly twice that spent beyond the horizon.

Shiih Edit

The third sun is Shiih, ancient Ashkahi for The Watcher. A dim yellow giant, Shiih takes almost as long as Saan in its wanderings across the sky.

Truedark Edit

Between the three suns' plodding travels, Itreyan citizens know actual nighttime - which they call truedark - for only a brief spell every two and a half years. For all other eves, Itreyans must content with the constant light of so-called nevernight, lit by one or more of Aa's eyes in the heavens. Almost three years at a stretch, sometimes, without a drop of real darkness.