The Red Promise is a code of conduct concerning the Red Church. There are several strictures included that settle the work of the assassins.

Strictures Edit

  • Inevitability – no offering undertaken in the history of the Church has ever gone unfulfilled.
  • Sanctity – a current employer of the Church may not be choosen as a target of the Church.
  • Secrecy – the Church does not discuss the identity of its employers.
  • Fidelity – a Blade will only serve one employer a time.
  • Hierarchy – all offerings must be approved by the Lord/Lady of Blades or Revered Father/Mother.

While the first three restraints already existed – albeit loosely – at the Church's inception, Fidelity and Hierarchy were arranged after a more or less infamous event in the history of the Church named The Tale of Flavius and Dalia.