As former justicus of the Luminatii Legion, Marcus Remus led an assault upon the Quiet Mountain that decimated the Red Church. He was the successor of the disgraced Darius Corvere and one of the leading men responsible for Corvere's demise. During his climatic confrontation with Darius's daughter, Mia Corvere, in Last Hope, Remus made several cryptic remarks regarding Mia's brother, Jonnen, but was stabbed to death by Mia before he could dully explain himself.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Marcus spoke truth in Ashkah, and that Jonnen did actually survive the Corvere familia's destruction. Mia discovers him alive and well in the company of Consul Julius Scaeva, who, it is also revealed, is actually Jonnen's, and Mia's, biological father.

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Little is known about the life of Marcus Remus prior to his assumption of the role of justicus. It is assumed he was a prominent Itreyan figure, as only such would be considered for the prestigious role. It is also mentioned that he himself played a crucial role in the uncovering of the Kingmaker plot and in the apprehension of Darius Corvere and General Antonius.

After the events of Truedark Massacre, which was caused, it was assumed, by a servant of Niah, Remus swore to bring the heretics of the Red Church to justice and end their wretched cult once and for all.

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Mia initially described Remus as the biggest man she had ever seen, with a trimmed beard and wolfish features, animal cunning twinkling in his gaze. As justicus, he is almost always seen wearing the official uniform of the Luminatii - snow-white armor accompanied by a crimson cloak, red as blood.

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