The Liisian quarter of Godsgrave. Mia Corvere describes it as "squalid and overcrowded", poverty written in the crumbling stonework. The canal waters run high in Little Liis, consuming the lower floors of most building. Palazzos of unadorned brick, rusting to a dark brown, litter the water's edge.

Little Liis sits on the southwest of Godsgrave, below the Hips near the Bay of Butchers, and was skirted by Godsgrave's abattoirs and various sewer outflows. The stench was nauseating. It had been compared to "a burst belly covered in horseshit and burning human hair, three turns rotted in the truelight".

The Liisian Market Edit

Above the canal's reek, masking the horrific stench of the waste of Godsgrave, is the perfume of the Liisian marketplace - the toast-warm aroma of fresh baked breads, tarts, and sugardoughs, alongside the buoyant scents of the rooftop gardens. A broad piazza, lined on all sides by stalls and stores, filled with the bustle and murmur of hundreds of folk, Mia Corvere described its scent as "the most extraordinary smell she'd ever encountered in her life".