The Republic of Itreya, or simply Itreya, is the sovereign dominion of the world. In the days of its glorious conquest, Itreya was a monarchy, led by King Francisco I, also known as the Great Unifier. Francisco's line ruled Itreya and her vassal states for many years, but the line became increasingly hedonistic and careless and thus was eventually overthrown. The last Itreyan king, Francisco XV was deposed and, along with his entire family, executed, and Itreya ushered in a new era, an era of supposed reform and glorious democracy, the era of the Republic. Itreya has maintained control of its territories, more or less, since the conquest of King Francisco I. They hold dominion over several countries - in fact, every country mentioned in the Chronicle, (Ashkah, the Isles of Dweym, Itreya {that is, the original land}, Liis and Vaan), each and every one a loyal vassal of the glorious Republic.

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In the last forty truedarks, the War Walkers of Godsgrave have only been activated twice. The first activation was during the usurpation of King Francisco XV. Legionaries loyal to the monarchy attempted to storm the palace and rescue the king from his assailants when news of the uprising broke. The loyalist pilots (strictly a ceremonial position by that stage of the monarchy) surrendered immediately when once they discovered that Francisco and his entire family were already dead.

The reason for the second activation was infinitely less glorious and noble.

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The appearances of Itreyans tend to vary, unlike other provinces. Generally, Itreyans are light skinned, although some, mostly half-breeds, will be darker. The majority of them have eyes of blue, but others colors, such as black and green, are also seen. Both fair and dark hair is common in Itreya.

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Worship of the Everseeing, the Light God Aa, is currently the official religion of the Republic, a faith that originated in Itreya.

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