The Isles of Dweym are a collection of isles under the dominion of Itreya.

History Edit

At the beginning of Nevernight, it is mentioned that the Isles of Dweym were conquered by the Itreyan Republic a century previous.

Heritage Edit

Legend has it the Dweymeri tribes were descended from the daughters of giants who bred with silver-tongued men, but the logistics of this legend fail under any true scrutiny.

Physical Attributes Edit

Dweymeri are generally dark of skin, most standing head and shoulders above the average Itreyan, who are between five and six feet tall on average. This is less true for half-breeds, who tend to be much smaller and lighter of skin, depending on their opposing heritage. Mia Corvere describes them as "big as bulls and hard as coffin nails". Upon reaching manhood, or womanhood, Dweymeri tend to adorn their faces with leviathan-ink tattoos.

Culture Edit

Despite their outwardly tribalistic ways, the Dweymeri are a proud and austere people. Their ways are strict, their customs often rigorous, and the severity of their laws is only matched by the punishments in place for violating them. Vicious and fearsome they may be, formidable warriors often without equals, the majority of the Dweymeri are governed by a fierce and strict code of honor. Primarily sea-faring folk, they could hardly be described as pirates. One example could be given in regards to their views on outsiders, particularly ones in their care. Dweymeri sailors tend to view their foreign passengers less as guests and more as sacred charges.

The Dweymeri also have ritualized naming rites that follow a set pattern - noun then verb, e.g., Spinesmasher, Wolfeater, Wavewaker, Bladesinger.

Religion Edit

While the Dweymeri recognize all of various Itreyan deities, their patron goddess is Trelene, the Lady of Oceans, Thirdborn of the Light and the Maw, She Who Will Drink The World. Almost all of their worship is directed toward her.

Part in the Chronicle Edit