Great Tithe marks the (approximate) halfway point between truedarks, and is one of Aa's holy feasts, traditionally marked by gift-giving amongst loved ones.

The first Great Tithe was said to have been the turn Aa gifted his daughters dominion over the elements. To Tsana, his firstborn, he gave the rule of fire. To Keph, the earth. To Trelene, the oceans. Nalipse, the storm. In return, the daughters gave their father their love and obedience.

It's said Niah gave her daughters nothing, for the Maw has naught inside to give. But these are falsehoods spat by the ministers of Church of Light.

To Keph, Niah gave dreams, to keep her company in her eternal slumber. To Trelene, she gave enigma; the deep dark of the waters beyond the sunslight. To Nalipse, she gave calm; the peace of the storm's eye.

And Tsana? Her firstborn who so despised her?

To Tsana, Goddess of Fire, Niah gave hunger.

Hunger unending.