A resident of Last Hope and the proprietor of the Old Imperial.

Appearance Edit

Mia Corvere describes him as "a harmless fellow" upon their first encounter, so much so that he seemed out of place in Last Hope, a town on the edge of the abyss. His eyes were a little too close together, and one of them moved slightly faster than the other. He reeked of rotten fish, and usually sported a grubby apron stained with what looked akin to blood. he spent the majority of his time in his establishment cleaning dirty silverware with dirtier rags.

Personality Edit

Daniio is not the cleverest man, as he proves time and time again.

Daniio was also a bit of a gambler. He owed a weighty debt to Wolfeater, the captain of Trelene's Beau. Incurred during a drunken argument about the aerodynamics of pigs and the distance from the Old Imperial to the stable across the way. The debt, which would take the form of an extended session of... oral pleasure for the crew of the Beau (which Daniio would apparently undertake while performing a handstand with his arse-end painted blue) had yet to be cashed in, but the threat of it hung heavy in the air whenever the Beau and its crew were in port.

Skills Edit

Daniio is a surprisingly decent cook. His "widowmaker" chili is astonishingly hot, and, Mia admits, delicious.