Ashlinn Frija Järnheim is a former acolyte of the Red Church and a former close friend of Mia Corvere. Ash was born in Vaan, a vassal state of Itreya, and was the daughter of Torvar Järnheim, a retired Blade of the Red Church. As vengeance for a maiming he received whilst in the Mother's service, he and his children hatched a plot that almost brought the entire Church to its knees. Though their conspiracy was eventually foiled by Mia, it did claim the life of the head of the Red Church, the Lord of Blades, Cassius and dozens of other servants of Niah. Also among the dead was Ashlinn's brother, Osrik. Ash would go on to spend the next few months on the run with her father, Torvar, struggling to evade the Red Church. Her father was eventually killed, but Ashlinn managed to escape justice. She later aligned herself with Mia Corvere, after the latter learned of the Church's involvement in her father's death. The two rekindled their friendship, and, over the course of their months-long partnership, developed romantic feelings for one another and eventually became lovers.

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