The god Anais is the firstborn and only son of Aa and Niah. It is unknown what became of him after he was born.

In The Itreyan Mythos Edit

As the supreme being and creator of the universe, the Light God Aa feared very little. Among these fears was that of another rival, particularly, a male rival, who could match his power and might. And so, this in mind Aa commanded his wife, Niah, bear him no sons, and, at first, dutifully, the Night obeyed him.

She bore him four daughters, meant to rule at his side. However, Niah began to miss her husband in the long, cold hours of darkness, and to alleviate her loneliness, she chose to bring a boychild into the world, to keep her company in the Abyss. The Night named her son Anais.

Aa was outraged at his wife's disobedience. As punishment, he banished the Night from the sky. Feeling betrayed by her husband, Niah vowed vengeance against Aa, and has not spoke to him since.

As for their son, Anais, his fate remains a mystery. A mystery the narrator has greatly played up and accentuated.